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OPS 571 Week 6 Complete

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OPS 571 Week 6 Complete -

DQ 1."You don't inspect quality into a product; you have to build it in." Discuss the implications of this statement.

DQ 2.Do you think that quality control has any more value in either of these methodologies?

DQ 3.Explain how a nonbottleneck can become a bottleneck.

DQ 4.Would you try to solve for these non-bottlenecks becoming bottlenecks?  How could you prevent this from happening in the future?

Learning Team Assignment Process Improvement Presentation

Write a paper which includes the following.

• Identify which ISO standards apply to Riordan Manufacturing

• Using the Six Sigma DMAIC process, develop a new process design for the production of the Riordan electric fans. Be sure to take advantage of any global opportunities available to Riordan, such as lower labor costs.

• Describe the bottlenecks that may occur in the new process.

• Identify three TQM tools that may be used for ongoing process improvement. Be sure to describe who will use the tool, when it will be used, and what interval and how it will lead to process improvement.

• A project plan including: A schedule including project goals, a schedule, roles and responsibilities and deliverables.

• An implementation plan, including a Gantt chart of the process design for the Riordan electric fans.

• No more than 1500 words.

• Consistent with APA format.

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Knowledge Check Quiz

Complete the Week 6 Quiz.

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