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BCOM 475 Week 2 Complete

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BCOM 475 Week 2 Complete -

DQ 1. What are the key components of persuasive communication? How does Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs affect persuasion? Provide an example of how you might use persuasion to change a behavior in the workplace. What strategies did you use in the persuasion? Why might you use these strategies?

DQ 2. What is conflict? What are five styles of conflict management? Review the Hayward Healthcare Systems case study in Ch. 11 of Management Conflict. What are the issues that lead to the conflict? What strategy could be devised to deal with the conflict? How does the situation described in the case shape your strategy?

 DQ 3. Persuasion involves trust. What factors do you need to know about your audience to persuade them toward your point of view? Provide an example either through a virtual face-to-face or in a memo of a persuasion communication.

Individual Assignment - Communication and Culture Paper

Consider a network you are a part of. This could be your work environment, school, neighborhood, family, or your online social network.

Explain your role in the network, your links, and your relationship with those links.

Describe a situation that you have experienced in this network. Select a communication channel you used to resolve the situation, and explain why you made this selection.

Write a 750- to 1,250-word paper describing your experience. Cite your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

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